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You have made a project in Adobe Premiere CS4, SC5, CS6, or Premiere Pro, and when you reopen it... Simply, in "Program" window, the Play - Stop Toggle (Space) button is not working!

You press it again and again, you try it several times, you press the Space bar on the keyboard, nothing happens!

The Play button seems to be pressed and changes from arrow to square, but the video in the Timeline does not ever start!
You try to move the cersor to another position, maybe in other time it works...
Nothing happens! The seconds do not count up, the Play-Stop button is not responding, it won't ever play,  it wont't work, it just freezes ins Square on the monitor.

The strange is that all other buttons in Program window work perfect! Also the Step back, Step Forward buttons.

Don't worry any more... Maybe it is a known Adobe Premiere bug in the software. If it really is, the following shall resolve this problem.
If these instructions don't work, consider upadating your PC's hardware. Some plain/old/over-loaded computers are not effective in Video Editing! :-)

But, how to fix Adobe Premiere play button not working?

Adobe premiere play button not working

How to fix Adobe Premiere play button not working

Instructions how to fix Premiere Play not working:

The usual problem is that your PC's specifications cannot afford Premiere in HD video playing. So, the best solution is to upgrade your pc's hardware, like the hard disk, the RAM memory or your graphics cards.
It is also connected this the Adobe Premiere's Video Preview files.

You can try these fixes, separately or in compination:

- Reopen Adobe Premiere.

- Make a new test project, make a simple video, check if the play button works now and then close it and reopen the other project.

- Render the project (Selected Timeline window), close and reopen Adobe Premiere.

- Locate the "Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files" and find your project's preview files in a separate folder named the same as your project is. Delete them. Then, reopen Adobe Premiere, Render again the project and see if the button works now.


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