There are a lot of letter to Santa Claus paper templates for little and...old children!!!

They are images like clipart, decorated with Christmas and Santa Claus themes.

If you prefer to print the paper templates for Santa in Black and White, it's ok just to use only your printer's black ink.


Wondering about how to mail your Santa letter?

Print here an amazing Santa envelope!


These paper templates can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly!


We're only some weeks away from Christmas and it's probably time for the kids to send their letter to Santa Claus. All children have been thinking about what gift they will ask Santa Claus for Christmas days and we have been wondering how we will manage to ensure that their wishes come true. But even if we've already been told what do they expect to find under the Christmas tree, it's important to ask them to write their letter to Santa Claus. They were "good" kids this year too, weren't they?
We created the most beautiful papers, thus making writing a letter to Santa Claus an easier task. Just print out the one your kids like best, have them write their letter, wishes and gifts they want from Santa (or if they're toddlers, write it for them). Put it in an envelope and mail it to the North Pole. That's it!

Do you need a blank paper template for Santa Letter? Maybe  a paper template with lines?

A red border template with a cute Santa?  A nice paper Christmas background?

Everything is here! Have a look!


Letter to Santa Claus paper templates

People say that you bring gifts only on the condition that the children are nice... Tell me the truth, is there a child who is not nice and deserves such a punishment? They are little people with innocent mistakes. Weren't you once a child, Santa Claus?

81 Free printable Letter to Santa Claus paper templates PDF


The instructions are simple:
1. Write clear letters
2. Begin the letter with the phrase "Dear Santa…."
3. Then write your name and whether you were good children last year….
4. Don't forget to write down all your Christmas wishes
5. Write name and address on the front of the envelope
6. Drop the letter in the box

Free printable Letter to Santa Claus paper templates
All 81 pages included in this PDF file can be downloaded and printed separately, from here: Letter to Santa Lined or blank Paper Templates

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