These ready Santa letter  templates can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly!

You can also print them in black and white.

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Wondering how to create your own letter to Santa Claus? How to type a letter to send him?
Now it is so easy! Just click on the link below and print for free a nice ready to print letter to Santa with sample text inside, where you have only to complete name, age and ...presents for Xmas! Don't forget to write your address, to , if you are one of them that are waiting for Santa's response!!!

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Ready to send sample text letter to Santa Claus

Free ready to sent letter to Santa Claus with  sample text


"Dear Santa" sample text

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I hope you are doing well.
My name is  (Emma)   and I am (7) years old.
This year I was (quite nice...)
I would be very happy if you could bring me:
(a new bike and a few coloring books)


What about  writing your own words on this Santa letter?
Here you can find the same empty letterheads (blank templates without text, only the same pictures):
Blank paper template for Santa letter


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