Nowhere else... you can't find a whole free and printable companion book like this for young ESL learners!

This companion book contains the suggested vocabulary for ESL Pre-Junior level in English.

Details: It is divided to 31 units, where children can learn word-by-word, followed by colored images, the basic vocabulary for Pre-Junior level.

Vocabulary also provides a pronunciation column, very useful, in accordance to american and british phonemic chart.

The last column can be completed by the teacher or the pupil, who shall fill it with the mother tongue translation of the pupil.


All vocabulary sheets can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly! So, we have a whole 31-unit free companion book for ESL Pre-Junior!


ESL Pre-Junior printable Vocabulary - Companion book




Find here all Vocabulary sheets - Companion book for ESL Pre-Junior!


Print also the Activity book - Colored worksheets for ESL Pre-Junior!


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