It's very important for preschoolers and kids at Kindergarten to learn how to trace the digits 1-10!

These Kindergaren tracing numbers worksheets will help you as a parent or as a teacher to teach them how to hold the pencil - what is the exact motion in order to write each number!

The worksheets for practicing numbers contain two types of exercises:

The first is about coloring a picture reffering to a number, after this it shows instructions about writing the digit, and finally asks the student to trace big numbers.

The second asks about coloring the digit, then counting and coloring pictures, and after these tracing and writing the number.

Each number worksheet can fit in A4 sheet perfectly!


Tracing numbers worksheets  1-10


Tracing numbers worksheets for Kindergarten: Numbers 1-10


Print here all tracing numbers worksheets


Print also the colored number cards and number coloring pages!