Ohh... Which is the best web hosting company in the world? So difficult to answer... But finally, I got the answer! You have to search one-by-one all the web hosting companies of the world! :-D

He he... I'm kidding! We've done a research on the largest web hosting companies of the American and some European coutries.

The best web hosting company is that, which:

- Owns servers (not hired)

- Offers fast SSD disks

- Dicreases at the minimum the downtime

- Has not only pre-sales fast responses, but also after sales!

- Has chat messaging

And what about the best web hosting provider...? Lets have a look here...

 Which is the best web hosting company in the world?

Which is the best web hosting company?

There are a lot of web hosting providers, I haven't tried them all, but after reading a lot of reviews on the web, I tried the services of some smaller companies, and recently some of the largest,  iPage and Siteground.  A lot of them are all good.

The name of the company I trust more and use now  is "SiteGround".  It is located in the U.S.A., but it also has offices in Panama and  Europe. This hosting company has the best after sales support I have ever seen. The websites, even if they are in Economy Shared Hosting plans, do not have downtime and load really fast. It is because the servers are equiped with very fast SSD hard disks, I mean not only in expensive hosting plans, but also in cheap year plans.

The cost for Shared Hosting (ideal for a small business, up to 10.000 visitors per month) is around 50 USD for 12 months. For first order they use to give you a 50% Off, just to try their hosting services and until they prove you that this company is the best! You can find details and prices here.

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