There are 40 vocabulary sheets for Junior A English as Second Language (ESL) level, which you can make as a whole Junior A Companion book.

The units are carefully studied, in order to make it easy for young children to remember the translation of the words, by pictures.

They can also fill in the translation in their own language at the last column.

The suggested ESL Junior A Vocabulary list is following the ESL Pre-Junior Vocabulary.

Find here ESL Pre Junior level Companion book


Furthermore, the first 10 Introductory Units are for Junior A learners who didn't study Pre-Junior lessons (just to learn the alphabet and a few easy words).

Print from here every day the vocabulary sheet of the day for Junior A English learners!

All vocabulary sheets can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly!


ESL Junior A printable  Vocabulary - Companion book




Print here all Vocabulary sheets - Companion book for ESL Junior A!

Discover here Junior A worksheets based on this vocabulary list!