Colored Horizontal lines worksheets

Here at you will find original exercises of every type for preschool worksheets related to Pre-Writing. On this page there are horizontal lines worksheets for beginners, Preschool level, ie for kids at the Kindergarten or Nursery school. These exercises are about how to trace a horizontal line.

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Prewriting is so important before children learn the letters and the numbers!

In detail: Tracing horizontal lines can help preschoolers to learn how to hold the pencil and make straight, horizontal lines, from the left to the right.

Horizontal lines are very useful for uppercase letters like A, B, E, F, G, H, J, L, T, Z, or the lowercase e, f, t, z.

Here you can find nice worksheets for horizontal straight lines, for practicing!

Here are some cute animals walking straight, some other looking to eat something, or cars and airplanes that need coloring!

Let the children enjoy learning, by tracing horizontal lines!

 All the worksheets for horizontal straight lines can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly! 



Join the animals with their food.
Draw the route of the cars.
Draw the route of the paper darts.
Draw the route of the animals.
Draw the route of the helicopters.
Join the same animals.
Join those that are the same color.
Draw the route of the airplanes.
Draw the route of the insects.
Draw the route of the animals.
Draw the route of the child.
Join with a straight line.


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