Here at you can print every other day a practice worksheet for ESL Junior A of Beginners level.

These practicing worksheets follow the Junior A Vocabulary list. (Companion book)

For Junior A there are 10 Introductory Units and 30 Units. These practice worksheets are for a set of two units, so we have a practice worksheet for two units, e.g, Unit 1 & Unit 2.

You can find here 20 free practice sheets for ESL Junior A level, and make them at the end of the year as a whole Junior A Practice book!

Each practice worksheet can fit in an A4 sheet perfectly!


Each worksheet contains 5 exercises:

1. Children write their name and date.

2. Children look at pictures and write or answer questions given.

3. They look at a written sentence and a picture, they decide and tick or cross the sentence.

4. They have to correct some sentences.

5. Kids have to write some words, mostly the verbs they learnt.


ESL Junior A printable Practice Worksheets as a book



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